Join Five Stars

UK Membership £25

Membership starts on 1st Jan and ends on 30st Dec. If you join on or after the 11th Nov you will get 14 months membership.
If you join between 1st Jan and 10th Nov your membership will end on the 30th Dec of that year.

Outside UK membership £30

Please click the PayPal link below and pay your membership fee to
Then return here and fill out the Application form.

Please use a Freinds & Family payment then the club will not get charged a PayPal fee

How to pay by Friends & Family
On PayPal Website
Open PayPal
Click on the 3 dots next to your Balance
Click on ‘Send or request money’
Enter the amount
Click Goods and Services
Choose Friend & Family
Click send

Click here for PayPal

Click here to complete the online aplication form

If you prefer you can download the Application Form below and then print it and send it to us.
Or scan it and send it to by E-Mail

Click on the image to download

If you cannot print the form then please contact us at

Updated 21/02/24