Technical Manual

The Club’s Technical Manual was originally put together in the 1990s, the writing credits are on the first page. This version was retyped and reformatted in 2017 by Gaz Leaver. Please feel free to download it, if you spot any typos, or better, if you have anything tips and tricks that you would like to share and added to the manual, please send an email to –

This file is free to download to both Club Members and Non Members.

Please note, the file is quite large, so please right click the link below and save the file to your local computer (Right click, Save link as or Save Target as etc, depending on your browser).

Five Stars Tech Technical-Manual

***** Disclaimer *****

Please note that the Mk1 Owners Club accept no responsibility for any of the articles contained, or for any potential accidents that may occur.

Please keep it safe at all time when working on these vehicles, if in doubt, seek professional advice.